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Africa - North & Middle East

Ancient civilisations, sprawling golden dunes, ultra-modern cities and fascinating culture. What more could you hope for on your cruise to the Middle East? Discover captivating cities in the UAE, Oman, India, Egypt and more on this epic journey.

Explore the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, Red Sea and beyond with stop overs in these incredible ports. Sail to dazzling Dubai and traditional Abu Dhabi. Gaze at the many marvels of Muscat. Join the bustling crowds in Mumbai. And discover some of the world’s most impressive monuments, temples and tombs in Luxor.

Captivating Culture

It’s hard to believe that Dubai was just a fishing and pearling village less than 50 years ago. Today, it’s a thrilling metropolis with a striking skyline and extravagant shopping malls where opulence defines every aspect of the city. The ancient capital city of Abu Dhabi captures the imagination with an enchanting blend of soaring dunes, Arabian architecture and age-old traditions. Muscat Harbour in Oman wows with its glittering 16th-century Portuguese forts and the magnificent Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Mumbai boasts some of the most impressive colonial-era architecture in the world, while its glitzy Bollywood scene adds more than a touch of glamour too. Revered as “the world’s greatest open air museum”, Luxor delights architecture and history buffs with its myriad impressive monuments, imposing statues and hallowed tombs.

Exquisite Cuisine

While Middle Eastern cuisine offers tantalising variety, vibrant spices and aromatic herbs are at heart of every dish. Start off with an appetising mezze platter, then move on to a delicious main course. Savour shawarmas stuffed with slow-roasted lamb, delicious chickpea falafels, pita bread with hummus and tasty tahini. Those with a sweet tooth will love crispy, syrupy baklava and creamy sesame seed halva.

Spectacular Experiences

Prepare to be dazzled in Dubai. Visit the legendary Mall of the Emirates, travel to the pinnacle of the towering Burj Khalifa, and swim in the azure waters of Jumeira Beach. Abu Dhabi offers numerous opportunities to explore its incredible culture and landscapes. Stroll along the scenic Corniche, go on a 4x4 safari through the dunes, take a camelback ride or get your adrenaline pumping at Ferrari World. Explore Muscat’s maze-like Muttrah Souk market where the musky scent of frankincense fills the air and local treasures made of pearls and intricately carved wood are on offer. As you pull into Mumbai’s harbour, you can’t help but marvel at the magnificent Gateway of India. Luxor is a wonderland of ancient sites and historic wonders. Be sure to visit the Valley of the Kings where over 63 tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and nobles, including King Tutankhamen, are laid to rest.


  • Casablanca Cathedral - Casablanca
  • Burj Khalifa - Dubai
  • Bahrain National Museum - Manama, Bahrain
  • Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum - Oman
  • The Pyramids - Egypt
  • Benni Hammad Fort - Algiers, Algeria
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