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EU West & Atlantic Islands

Cruising the warmer climes of western Europe and the Atlantic islands in this area, is a chance to experience the slightly more unusual places, yet non-less exciting, as other European destinations. Your cruise may include visits to ports such as Tenerife, Funchal, Casablanca, Lisbon and Vigo, as well as the Atlantic islands of Madeira and the Canaries. The history of Spain and Portugal will inspire you, while the white sandy beaches of the Canary Islands take care of your tan, and the Morrocan cuisine delights your taste buds. A fascinating part of the world, western Europe and the Canaries are a great place to visit for something a little different.


  • Gran Canaria – Canary Islands
  • Cueva de los Verdes – Canary Islands
  • Pico do Arieiro – Portugal
  • Casablanca – Morroco
  • Padrão dos Descobrimentos – Lisbon, Portugal
  • Cíes Islands - Spain
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