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Close to the East Coast of the United States, the Bahamas are an excellent and a far more fun escape from the harsh winters of the north than, say, buying a new winter coat. The good time doesn’t stop at fine, sugar-white sand and sun, however. On a Bahamas cruise, you'll get to swim with dolphins and tropical fish in the turquoise waters, or soar above the sea in a parasail. Then explore the islands’ thrilling history as a pirate haven and one-time “Privateer’s Republic”—with Blackbeard himself as the magistrate. You don’t have to say “aaaaaargh,” we promise.


  • Parasail over our private island, CocoCaySM
  • Swim with dolphins in crystal-clear water
  • Follow the legendary footsteps of Blackbeard
  • Soak up the sun on a white-sand beach
  • Spot sharks, barracuda and other creatures of the deep at "Predator Lagoon"
  • Experience the rush of the Thriller powerboat adventure
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