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Alaska & Canada West

Winding waterways, rugged fjords, towering glaciers and bustling coastal towns ensure that a cruise to Alaska is by far the best way to experience this amazing destination. With wild grizzlies, aboriginal ancestry and a raucous history of gold prospecting, it’s little wonder that Alaska is often dubbed America’s last frontier.

Visit lively Seward at the edge of Resurrection Bay. Head to Juneau, Alaska’s vast state capital that can only be reached by boat or plane. Sail towards the breath-taking vistas, jagged mountains and forested islands of Sitka. Thread the spectacular Behm Canal to scenic Misty Fjords. Continue to Alaska’s southeastern-most town, Ketchikan. Pass through Prince Rupert into the tiny town of Klemtu in British Columbia and the historic harbour at Alert Bay. Then sail under the graceful Lion’s Gate Bridge into Vancouver’s beautiful and bustling harbour.

Captivating Culture

While best known for its rugged wilderness and jaw-dropping glaciers, Alaska is also home to a rich tapestry of cultures. Get a glimpse of Sitka’s well-preserved Russian heritage at the city’s revered Russian Orthodox Church. Explore Vancouver’s manicured parks, charming architecture, art galleries and vibrant nightlife scene. Ketchikan is a treasury of Native American culture, with the largest collection of Native totem poles in the world. The lively harbour town of Prince Rupert’s culture has been deftly shaped by its deep aboriginal roots. Alert Bay features two Indian reserves, as well as the U’mista Cultural Centre where a wealth of artefacts has been preserved.

Exquisite Cuisine

Vancouver is often considered the culinary capital of Canada. Here you will find a delectable fusion of Asian cuisine, along with freshly caught seafood, such as seasonal prawns and juicy wild salmon. Not to be outdone, Alaska offers an extensive buffet of cold-water seafood with salmon being the main menu item. Sample salmon in all its forms – smoked, cured, dried and even sweetened. Try local delicacies such as sourdough bread and reindeer sausage. Then treat yourself to decadent berry desserts of every kind. For something very different, brave a bite of Muktuk, a combination of whale blubber and skin frozen together and eaten raw.

Spectacular Experiences

Sitka flaunts its Russian history with traditional dance performances, along with historic walks through the towering totem poles of Sitka National Historical Park. Juneau exhilarates the senses with walks on towering glaciers, hikes on scenic trails, fishing for salmon and panning for gold at Gold Creek. Explore the Misty Fjords National Monument with its glacial fjords and towering cliffs teeming with wildlife and cladded in ancient rain forests. Visit historic Gastown, Vancouver’s cobbled old-town district with its beautiful heritage buildings and characterful shops. Hike through the verdant Butze Rapids Park and Trail along elevated catwalks and suspension bridges. And spot the sacred Kermode bear with its unique colouring in Klemtu.


  • Head into Canada on White Pass & Yukon, the "Scenic Railway of the World"
  • Hike through glacial waterfalls and rainforests outside Juneau
  • Take in the spectacular Juneau Ice Field from a helicopter
  • Enjoy a wildlife excursion onboard a high-speed catamaran
  • Race across a glacier in an exhilarating dogsled ride
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