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Australia and New Zealand are home to a number of natural wonders you simply won’t find anywhere else. Experience the unrivalled Great Barrier Reef, verdant national parks, Maori and Aboriginal culture, sophisticated cities and so much more on your cruise to Australia and New Zealand.

Sail beneath Sydney’s renowned Harbour Bridge. Soak up the holiday atmosphere on Hamilton Island. Discover Queensland’s Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba. Then explore the lush greenery, vibrant city life and outdoor excitement in Auckland and Wellington.

Captivating Culture

Visit cosmopolitan multicultural Sydney where the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge define the skyline of this diverse and exciting city. From golden beaches and gorgeous parks to trendy restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, Sydney has it all. Mooloolaba boasts a gorgeous beach where a leisurely waterfront is backed by high-rise buildings. Explore the vibrant town packed with boutiques, bistros and fabulous shopping opportunities. Sail on to beautiful Auckland with its cool cosmopolitan scene, where Maori, Asian and European influences come together in a fascinating blend of cultures.

Exquisite Cuisine

Award-winning eateries with international flair can be expected in both Australia and New Zealand. Wellington in particular is known for its gourmet dining opportunities, with more restaurants and cafes per capita than New York City. Enjoy a quintessential Australian barbeque followed by delicious lamingtons, considered the national cake of Australia. Roast lamb is a must on the menu in New Zealand, while bold gourmands can brave a crocodile steak in Australia.

Spectacular Experiences

Visit Sydney’s iconic Opera House, explore the pristine Royal National Park, kayak in the harbour and relax on beautiful Bondi Beach. Those are just a few of the many exceptional arts, cultural and outdoor experiences you can expect in this world-renowned city. Explore Mooloolaba’s Great Sandy National Park. Go diving along the Great Barrier Reef on Hamilton Island. Experience Wellington from above on its iconic cable car system. Then embark on a day trip from Auckland to Waiheke Island for a scenic wine tour or hike up a dormant volcano on nearby Rangitoto Island.


  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Cable Beach
  • Sydney Harbour & Opera House
  • Twelve Apostles
  • Fraser Island
  • Sunshine & Gold Coast
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