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EU British Isles

Discover the best of Britain with this exciting cruise through the United Kingdom. From rolling green pastures and rugged coastlines to vibrant urban cities bursting with culture, history, art and gastronomy, this adventure will open your eyes to the many wonders of the beautiful British Isles.

Embark on an unforgettable journey across the British Isles passing through a myriad ports in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Begin your journey in the popular launch pad of Dover, England. Sail into the lively cultural hub of Leith, quaint Invergordon in the Eastern Highlands, and the Norse town of Kirkwall in Scotland. Then visit friendly Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man. Ireland is next on the itinerary with Londonderry in Northern Ireland, Dunmore East near Waterford, and of course the thriving metropolis of Dublin. Holyheadon the island of Anglesey offers a gateway into Wales, followed by the beautiful St. Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly. These and many ports await on your British Isles cruise.

Captivating Culture

The ancient town of Leith dates back to the 14th century and has played host to numerous royal guests including Mary Queen of Scots. It’s since transformed into a hub of lively eateries, art galleries, museums and entertainment. Kirkwall, Orkney's bustling capital, is a historic Norse town that boasts a wealth of history at ancient sites such as the Earl's and Bishop's Palaces. Also known as the Maiden City, Londonderry derives its nickname from the fact that its impressive walls, dating back to 1619, have never been breached. Next, live it up in lively Dublin, the Irish capital, where cobbled lanes lead to a heady mix of old-timey taverns, haute cuisine eateries, modern art galleries and a wild nightlife scene. Then soak up the peace and tranquillity of Holyhead with its picturesque South Stack Lighthouse and nature reserve featuring sweeping views of the sea cliffs.

Exquisite Cuisine

The British Isles offer an enticing selection of modern culinary delights along with a number of traditional favourites for a taste of local life. Try tasty Manx kippers on the Isle of Man. Feast on traditional pub food, including flaky Cornish pasties in Dublin. Try a taste of traditional Haggis in Scotland. Welsh lamb and leek stew is a firm favourite in Wales. And enjoy an outdoor lunch overlooking the ocean in St Mary’s with fresh seafood and a glass of crisp sauvignon blanc.

Spectacular Experiences

Stroll along the charming Water of Leith Walkway and pop into the many bistros, traditional pubs and trendy restaurants along the way. Start your search for the legendary Loch Ness monster from Invergordon to Inverness. Explorethe narrow main streets and secretive pathways of Kirkwall,as well as the majestic St Magnus Cathedral. View the dramatic cliff sides and medieval castle ruins in Douglas. In Dublin, take a tour through the seven-story Guinness Storehouse to learn all about the black brew and get a taste of it too. Then explore Holyhead’s many fascinating historic and prehistoric sites, including a church in the sea!


  • Stonehenge – England
  • Canterbury Cathedral - England
  • Loch Ness – Scotland
  • Neolithic Orkney – Scotland
  • Giant’s Causeway – Ireland
  • Blarney Stone – Ireland
  • St Helier – Jersey
  • Castle Cornet - Guernsey
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