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South America

There is simply no end to the opportunities for adventure, sightseeing and cultural experiences in amazing South America. Colonial towns and bustling cities rub shoulders with rugged mountains, lush forests and ivory beaches to create a diverse landscape that must be seen to be believed.

From stylish Buenos Aires and eclectic Montevideo to the wintry beauty of Patagonia, rolling green hills of Valparaiso and dramatic Antarctica, this captivating cruise is your gateway to some of the most exciting destinations South America has to offer.

Captivating Culture

South America is home to an astonishing diversity of cultures, both living and bygone. The fascinating Incan Empire in particular still leaves many echoes through the ancient ruins and historic sites across the continent. South America also has plenty to offer travellers in search of modern-day cultural experiences too. Stroll down cobblestone streets lined with elegant colonial buildings in beautiful Buenos Aires. Then sway to a sultry Tango show and tap your feet to traditional Andean folk music. Wander through Montevideo’s Old Town and marvel at the local street art and musicians. Step into gleaming Catholic cathedrals. Relax at trendy outdoor café as the locals pass by. And hunt for bargains at the bustling antiques and crafts markets.

Exquisite Cuisine

While the food in South America varies from country to country, there’s always an enticing selection of local dishes at every port. Sip a delicious Malbec while enjoying a traditional Asado barbeque. Share a flask of steaming mate tea to warm up in chilly Ushuaia. Sample meaty empanadas followed by decadent churros dipped in chocolate. Chile is also well-known for its generous completos, giant hot dogs with all the trimmings. Seafood is abundant in coastal towns, with fresh fish and prawn dishes aplenty.

Spectacular Experiences

Hop on a charming funicular and be transported through the steep hills of Valparaiso, while cheerfully painted houses pass by. Venture through the Strait of Magellan and wind your way between the intricate fjords and channels beyond. Sip hot chocolate in quaint yet windy Punto Arenas. Marvel at the snow-clad peaks and looming glaciers that define the dramatic landscape of Ushuaia − often referred to as the End of the World. Explore Torres del Paine National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Then head to the incredible Antarctic Peninsula, which is considered to be the most beautiful place on earth. Here you’ll discover soaring mountain peaks, enormous glaciers and an abundance of wildlife including Emperor penguins, killer whales, wandering albatross and elephant seals to name a few.


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