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EU Rivers

A river cruise is what people do when they want to see a country or its specific regions, in the most relaxed and comfortable way possible.  You can forget about the hassle of bustling, massive cruise ships, and manic roads, cities and ports and one of the best reasons to travel this way, is that you will only have to unpack once. You’ll have the freedom to explore the beauty and cultures of the ports and towns that lay on the banks of the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Albe and other rivers which have played such an integral part in Europe’s history and cultural heritage. Discover the beauty of French sunflowers boasting their magnificence on the banks of the Seine River. Explore the Gothic architecture of Cologne, the festive and welcoming towns of Spain, or the lesser known, culturally rich towns of Germany, also with its glorious scene of castles and chateaus set amongst lush, green, rolling countryside.


  • Burg Castle – Rhine, Germany
  • Salamanca – Spain
  • Wine regions of France
  • Black Forest – Germany
  • Porto the Douro – Portugal
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