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EU Scandinavia & Baltic

Scandinavia, the land of Vikings, mythology, and legends passed down through generations, consists of the three countries, namely Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The Baltics strictly speaking consist of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, however on a cruise of the Baltics and Scandinavia, you may also have the opportunity to explore the culturally fascinating Russian city of St. Petersburg, and delightful towns and villages in Germany and Norway as well. With it’s charismatic and ancient castles, cultural heritage, which is as old as the hills, fascinating architecture, and legends of Vikings, a cruise to this part of the world will enrich your spirit and fascination for European culture and history.


  • Baroque Winter Palace – St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Historical Roof Top Walk – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Norwegian Fjords – Norway
  • Hill of Crosses – Lithuania
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