Cruise to Dubrovnik

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Jan dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the most fascinating city in Europe

It was only 22 years ago that the Croatian War of Independence came to an end. For nearly 5 years, the beautiful country of Croatia was at war with Serbian armies, in an effort to regain their independence. Because of this, Croatia, and more specifically in this case, Dubrovnik have been off the cruisers’ radar. As more and more travellers have ventured to its ancient city walls, The Pearl of the Adriatic has quickly become a European dream destination due to the romance and fascination it inspires.

Dubrovnik points of interest

Dubrovnik is most famous for its Old Town, which is guarded by 6 metre thick walls. Built directly on the cliffs that drop into the Adriatic, the walls have protected the city from invasion for centuries. Due to its magnificent scenery and charm, the Old Town of Dubrovnik was used as a set in the thrilling Game of Thrones series. As you walk along the walls, you’ll look down on an ancient city with orange-tiled rooves and buildings tightly packed together. On the other side, the views across the sea, and towards the island of Lokrum, are breath-taking.


Meander through the Old Town and explore the many cobbled streets, alleyways and steps to find the city’s churches, museums, and restaurants. Simply walking around the city is an experience in itself. After discovering the old town, relax at one of the restaurants on the main street, called Stradun, and wait for the 5th century bell tower to chime at noon!    

With its limestone paving that shimmer in the sunlight, Stradun is the main street in the Dubrovnik Old Town. It runs from east to west for about three hundred metres, and is the main ‘gathering’ place of the city. This is where you will find many of the restaurants and shops.

The walls of Dubrovnik

Built in the 12th century, the city walls were intended to fortify the city and protect it with a network of forts and towers. Due to the immaculate preservation of the medieval city walls, Dubrovnik has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The walls are between 4 and 6 metres thick and the circumference measures roughly 2km. One of the definite must do activities in Dubrovnik, is to take a tour of the great city walls.

The island of Lokrum

Looking out to sea from the great walls of the Dubrovnik Old Town, you will see a spectacular looking island roughly 600m from the city. Lokrum is a nature reserve and is accessible by taxi boats from the old city. The island offers naturalist beaches, a salt filled lake, ideal for swimming, ancient monasteries and more.

The city dates back centuries, and many of the buildings within the old town still maintain a charismatic and historic charm. It’s a destination that will capture your imagination and will most definitely put a smile on the face of any of its visitors, young and old. So speak to your Cruises International Consultant today to find out more about visiting The Pearl of the Adriatic on your next cruise holiday!





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