Cruises to Europe

Tuesday, 20 December 2016
Cruise to Europe this spring, it is the best time of year for cruising, especially to Amsterdam.

Cruise to Europe this spring

Amsterdam is a fascinating and breath-taking city at the best of times, however, when spring comes around, the city really comes to life as the sun comes out, the beautiful tulips start to blossom, and a variety of outdoor events take place. It’s also the best time to explore the city and all of its attractions, as the weather is not too hot or too cold.

Amsterdam spring events

When the sun comes out in Amsterdam and the city comes to life, the festivals, events and outdoor excursions make it an even more exciting experience. You can celebrate King’s Day which is a celebration of the King’s birthday. Everyone (and everything) is covered in orange as a massive street party takes place.

The Spring Snow festival usually takes place in April or May, and is when the thousands of Elm trees in the city scatter their blossoms and cover the streets in a layer of flowers.

It is also possible to attend a number of free events across the city, including free concerts in the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre, or you can attend any one of the other 300 festivals which take place during the spring season that caters for every taste and preference.

Flowers, tulips and everything else comes to life in Amsterdam’s spring

Amsterdam is well known for its sprawling fields of tulip,s which blossom in the spring months. It is truly an outstanding sight to behold when there are thousands of different coloured tulips laid out as far as the eye can see. During April, the Keukenhof and Amsterdam tulip festivals take place and offer visitors the chance to admire these beautiful flowers in a variety of settings.

Bask in sunshine as you explore the city

The clouds have disappeared, the trees and flowers spring to life, and everyone comes out of hibernation in spring. This is the best time to explore the various attractions, take a boat ride along the canals and visit the parks across the city.

Celebrate Easter in Amsterdam

Easter in Amsterdam is a fantastic time of year for the whole family. You can visit the petting Zoos, which are all over the city, hunt for eggs at the Artis Royal Zoo, or attend a number of outdoor markets which sell delicious food, trinkets and knick-knacks.

A cruise to Amsterdam in spring is a memorable and amazing holiday, so speak to your Cruises International Consultant today to find out more about a cruise to Amsterdam in the spring of 2017.



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