January’s best cruise destination

Friday, 13 January 2017
Cruises to new zealand and australia

Unless you’re up for freezing weather with icy winds and snow covered landscapes, you’ll definitely want to take a cruise in the southern hemisphere during the month of January. In January, the weather is hot, the water is warm, the cocktails are cold, and the sunny shores of Australia and New Zealand are waiting to be discovered in all of their magnificently scenic glory! 

Major ports to visit in Australia & New Zealand

The Australian, New Zealand and surrounding islands have some of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. With a rugged beauty, which is unmatched anywhere else, spectacular blue waters, white and golden sandy beaches, Australia has a number of treats in store. Visit the major ports of Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne, each one with their own treasures to discover, beaches and attractions to explore, and fantastic times to be had on board your cruise ship.

At the farthest corner of our magnificent planet, sits two islands which make up the beautiful country of New Zealand. Majestic mountain ranges, spectacular lakes and a scenic coastline make New Zealand a definite must for any cruiser. The port cities and destinations of Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Akaroa and more, make New Zealand a spectacular cruise destination. 

Don’t miss these attractions

Australia is often voted as one of the world’s best cruise destinations and the cruise ports you visit are part of what make this such a special cruise destination. In Sydney you can stroll through the downtown precinct and discover the origins of the country and the city of Sydney, or visit the opera house, and even take a full day excursion to the famous Blue Mountains, take a boat ride to Manly, or visit the many bars restaurants and shopping precincts in the area.

Other major attractions on the Australian coast include the wildlife reserves in Darwin, the Great Barrier Reef which can be accessed from Cairns, the arty city of Adelaide, the Sunshine and Gold coasts on either side of Brisbane, and plenty more.

In New Zealand, you definitely don’t want to miss the Bay of Islands, named by Captain James Cook, with its big game fishing, beautiful bays, museums and more. Take the cable car up the hill above the city of Wellington for magnificent views, and definitely visit the Fiordland area where you can see Glaciers, fjords, rain forests, waterfalls and lakes.

Plan your shore excursions carefully in Australia

Australia is a massive country which means travel times between your favoured attractions may be deceptively longer than you think. Research before you leave and make sure you plan appropriately. Speak to your Cruises International consultant about the best way to see and do what you really want to.

Stretch your budget in Australia

Search for specials and discounts on shore excursions and travel wisely by sticking to a strict budget. It always helps to over compensate on your budget when you can.

Prepare for the weather in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its weather which can change at the drop of a hat. So be prepared with rain coats and umbrellas, but also make sure you have the sunscreen and a good hat. In New Zealand, you never know what the weather may bring.

Visit the interior before or after your cruise

New Zealand has a spectacular countryside with so many natural wonders to visit. If you are a nature lover, a visit to the interior before or after your cruise will be a fantastic experience.

Going down under and exploring the vast coastlines and surrounding islands of Australia and New Zealand are every cruisers dream. In January you will be blessed with warm to hot weather – perfect for discovering the beaches and attractions in these two magnificent countries. So speak to your Cruises International Consultant today to find out more about taking a cruise down under!

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