Packing for a cold weather cruise

Thursday, 6 April 2017
Packing for cold weather on a cruise

Going somewhere cold on your next cruise? It can always be a little tricky to make sure you pack for every eventuality when going somewhere icy. With a limited baggage allowance on flights, bulky jackets, boots, layers and layers of clothing – all this before you have even started packing your gadgets and necessities. So, if you struggle to pack efficiently, especially when you are headed somewhere cold, look at the tips below and make sure you can get everything in your suitcase.  


What to pack for a cruise


The best way to prepare for any cold weather (from icy cold, to just cold) is to pack layers that you can shed or add as you need to. Start off with a long sleeve wool based layer and pack lots of wool socks; maybe add a flannel shirt with a hoodie and then finally a water proof wind breaker. You can use your big jacket for those extra cold days.

If you’re going somewhere icy, try and get by with one pair of waterproof, comfy, warm boots that are suited for walking. There’s no need to take multiple pairs of shoes that all serve the same purpose.


Pack smartly


If you’re wearing layers, and really are limited for packing space, include less layers that you will wear on the outside of your outfit, such as thick hoodies and windbreakers. Rather pack accessories like scarfs, gloves and beanies, which don’t take up too much space. Thermal underwear also fold up quite small, so those will keep you warm under your clothes, rather pack different scarfs, gloves and beanies.


Packing tips


Fold your clothes into thirds and pack them compactly, fitting them into every space available. Push your socks, gloves, beanies and scarfs into the gaps once you’re done and then slide in any other items you need to add into your check-in luggage. The neater you pack, the less space you will leave in the bag which could have been used to carry your cold weather items.

Use every pocket available and add the items you need by matching shapes and sizes with the space available, such as books and magazines in flat compartments, and toiletries and necessities in smaller square compartments in the bag.


What to carry with you


Carry your big bulky jacket with you and wear your boots when you travel, and if you have any space in your hand luggage, use it for those pieces of clothing and items you couldn’t squeeze into your check-in luggage.

Pack a day bag with all your essentials, with any cruise you might not be able to book into your room until late afternoon so have your day bag with the following:

  • Electronics; phone, charger, camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Medication
  • Small binoculars
  • Book
  • Essentials; Passport, credit cards, cash
  • Snacks; biscuits, chips, a cold drink etc.

Unless you’re willing to pay for extra baggage allowances when you travel, it will pay to think carefully about how and what you pack on your next trip to the icy corners of the globe. So if you’re wondering where the best cold destinations to cruise to are, contact Cruises International today!

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