Travel safety tips when cruising abroad

Tuesday, 28 March 2017
Cruise ship travel safety

Travelling, and especially cruising, is an amazing way to see the world. There are endless opportunities for excitement, fun and memorable, enriching experiences across the globe. However, when leaving our homes and travelling to new countries, we should remember to take a few precautions to ensure that our homes are safe and that we personally are safe when on-board and abroad.


Safety on-board a cruise


First of all, let’s get the question, ‘are cruise ships safe?’ out of the way! Cruise ships are extremely safe. They have been designed and built to withstand the heaviest of seas, and are equipped with technology and procedures that will avoid any serious weather. However, if you do run into bad weather, the ships are fitted with effective stabilisers, and other means to safely navigate a storm. There is nothing to worry about!

When on-board, take precautions with your belongings and personal safety as you would anywhere else. Don’t leave valuables lying around, watch the kids around the pool, stay aware, and quite simply don’t let your guard down too much. Of course you are here to relax and unwind, but simply be aware like you would be anywhere else. When you visit port cities and towns, make sure you don’t go alone, look after your valuables, and you should be fine!


Home safety when on holiday


One of the best ways to ensure your home is safe while you are away on the cruise of a lifetime is to get someone to house-sit for you. This way there is always someone there making sure the grass is mown, the pets are looked after, and your mail can be collected. However if this is not an option, you should stop all mail to your home, lock absolutely everything, and at least get someone to come by every now and then to check on the place. Install timers to turn lights on, turn on the TV etc., which will give the impression that someone is home.


Safety when travelling abroad


There are three vital things that you need to keep safe when travelling abroad. These are your tickets, your passports, and your money. Without them you will be ‘lost at sea.’ If you have these items you can move and travel without hindrance, however if you lose a passport, you may be in for a seriously delayed and bumpy ride.

Make copies of travel documents and passports, and keep one copy in your hand luggage and one in your check-in luggage if you are flying. Your passport and travel docs should be safely secured on your person. Get a money passport, or use your credit card instead of carrying a wad of cash around with you.

It will also be a great idea to get certified copies of all travel docs and passports and store them in the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere. You should also inform your bank that you will be travelling, so that they don’t try and contact you after every foreign transaction and suspect fraud on your account.

Do a little research before you go overseas and get addresses and phone numbers of hospitals, and police, as well as any other emergency numbers you may need, and keep these with your travel documents. It’s better to be prepared, and this also offers you peace of mind so that you can happily get on with your holiday!

From cruise safety to home security, and safety when travelling abroad, these tips should be a good starting point for you to consider for your next cruise holiday. So, check all the boxes and embark on a cruise knowing that you are fully prepared and can completely unwind on your next cruise holiday. 

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