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The east coast of America which greets the Atlantic Ocean from Maine in the north to Florida in the South, boasts famous cities like New York, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and so many more. Explore the east coast with its contrasting cities and lifestyles. Sip starbucks in central park and watch a broadway show, or sink your toes into the warm sand of floridas beaches and rollerblade along miami’s promenades. The Caribbean also awaits you on a cruise of the east coast of America. So depending on which cruise you choose, the diversity of the American east coast is waiting for you!


  • Statue of Liberty – New York
  • Florida Everglades - Florida
  • Niagara Falls – New York State
  • White House – Washington DC
  • Kennedy Space Centre: NASA - Florida
  • South Beach- Miami
  • Labadee – Haiti, Caribbean
  • Blue Lagoon Island - Caribbean
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