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Serenity, Western Europe & Vintage France ex Amsterdam to Lisbon




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29 July 2019

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14 Night Cruise sailing from Amsterdam to Lisbon aboard Crystal Serenity. The exquisite ambience of the Crystal Serenity leads to an extraordinary experience. Unwind in luxurious and spacious accommodations -- 85% of the staterooms feature private verandahs. Spectacular international fare can be found in elegant restaurants throughout the ship, including celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa's Silk Road. The delightful cuisine is complemented by an extensive wine cellar that features over 150 vintages. And the activities onboard will delight you. Rejuvenate your soul in the Feng Shui-designed Crystal Spa or swing Callaway clubs at the driving range. Glamour and excitement await at the Caesars Palace at Sea casino. Highlights of this cruise: Amsterdam Amsterdam derives its name from a 13th-century protective dam. Itis a beautifully preserved city with quaint architectural styles, priceless art treasures and welcoming people. Many of its wondrous highlights are located within the five concentric canals that gird the city's older neighborhoods and business districts. Whether cruising its waterways or visiting its exquisite galleries and museums, you will discover a wealth of fascinating sightseeing opportunities. A short drive away, characteristic towns preserve their traditional Dutch ways with intricate national costumes, sturdy wooden shoes and purposeful windmills. Zeebrugge Belgium is a patchwork of small farms, picturesque rivers and natural lakes. It is dotted with ancient cathedrals and wonderful museums with awe-inspiring art. Zeebrugge, a small town located on the western side of Belgium, dates back to the beginning of the Christian calendar. A crossroad in the English Channel for centuries, Zeebrugges is the gateway to Flanders, whose Golden Age heritage resides in three historic cities: Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges. In this region, museums proudly display the glories of the old Flemish masters, from Van Dyck to Rubens. The summertime is a delight showcasing colorful flower-filled window boxes and the graceful arcs of windmills. Le Verdon A contrast to the lush countryside found inland, the Atlantic coast offers its own kind of beauty with its crashing waves, long stretches of beach and conifer forests. Resort towns dot the coastline, bringing their additional charms to the region. One such place is Le Verdon, sitting at the most northerly point of the Médoc. In its harbor stands the oldest lighthouse in France, the Cordouan lighthouse, which boasts a petite chapel and royal chamber. A short distance from Le Verdon is the seaside resort of Soulac, the "Pearl of the Silver Coast." The nearly 500 neo-colonial villas built here give Soulac a unique air of history and sophistication. Its morning market, pedestrian-friendly streets and seaside shops and cafes give the village a sense of joie de vivre. Bordeaux was at one time France's richest community and largest port. It is second only to Paris as the country's most densely populated city. Today it is best-known for its glorious ch—teaux, mouth-watering cuisine and incomparable wines. It is surrounded by the world's most famous vineyards including Médoc, St-Emilion, Pomerol, Graves and Sauternes. Crystal's sojourn in this world-renowned wine capital is bound to please even the most discerning bon vivant. Bilbao Home of the newly-erected Guggenheim Museum, this bustling city epitomizes the merger of modernity and history. The gateway to the Cantabrico Sea from the plateau of Castilla, Bilbao has flourished from the middle ages as a busy port, and a major exporter of the metals found in surrounding areas. Today, the city flourishes with a vital exuberance, as modern architects erect new buildings next to 19th-century structures. Lisbon Cosmopolitan Lisbon was the center of the world's last great colonial empire. Today the city nostalgically reveres its imperial past while adapting to Portugal's role as a member of the European Economic Community. Although located on the Atlantic coast, Lisbon has the soul of a Mediterranean city with Moorish castles, pastel and white buildings, orange-tiled roofs and luminous blue skies. Set amid the hills and valleys of the northern shore of the River Tagus, it is one of the loveliest capitals in the world.
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