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Royal Caribbean International

Okay, so you probably have a rough idea of what you think cruising is all about

But be prepared, because there are constantly comments from first-time cruisers that they're totally surprised once they get onboard
Royal Caribbean International cruise ships are some of the most innovative in the industry - they're bigger and brighter, with a lot more open spaces and private balconies
Onboard and shoreside activities appeal to everyone from the rock climber, to the sun worshiper
Where to start? Planning a cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean is easy

Many people like to start by choosing a Destination
Others choose their cruise by Port of Departure, or even the Ship. What's Included While some people may think cruising is expensive, a Royal Caribbean cruise vacation is actually a great value and is a very smart, affordable way to travel
When you're onboard one of these cruise ships, almost everything is taken care of - your accommodations, gourmet meals in the dining rooms and cafés, and snacks throughout the day
All activities including amazing fitness center, entertainment and award-winning Adventure Ocean® Youth Program are all paid for

Even 24-hour room service is included
So, if you're looking for an incredible value, look no further - this is the vacation for you! Who Cruises From kids to grandparents, a Royal Caribbean cruise is the perfect vacation no matter what your age
What Happens On A Cruise Explore all of the adventures available to you onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship – from rock climbing, to wine tasting, to sitting poolside, there is a wide variety of activities for you to choose from