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Galapagos islands
Situated roughly 1000km off the coast of Ecuador in South America, the Galapagos Islands are one of the most exquisite destinations for viewing and learning about our planet’s unique wildlife. As a volcanic Archipelago, there are a number of islands and breath-taking natural attractions to visit and explore, including the observation station of Charles Darwin, which allowed him to formulate his theory of Evolution.   Galapagos Cruise Types  
Packing for cold weather on a cruise
Going somewhere cold on your next cruise? It can always be a little tricky to make sure you pack for every eventuality when going somewhere icy. With a limited baggage allowance on flights, bulky jackets, boots, layers and layers of clothing – all this before you have even started packing your gadgets and necessities. So, if you struggle to pack efficiently, especially when you are headed somewhere cold, look at the tips below and make sure you can get everything in your suitcase.     What to pack for a cruise  
Cruising the baltic sea
A cruise to the northern parts of Europe may include the beautiful Fjords of Norway, where you may get to experience the midnight sun, or even a glimpse of the mesmerising Northern Lights.  In Sweden and Finland the picturesque towns and villages surrounded by rolling green hills and mountains will truly keep you in awe with their natural beauty.
Cruise ship travel safety
Travelling, and especially cruising, is an amazing way to see the world. There are endless opportunities for excitement, fun and memorable, enriching experiences across the globe. However, when leaving our homes and travelling to new countries, we should remember to take a few precautions to ensure that our homes are safe and that we personally are safe when on-board and abroad.   Safety on-board a cruise  
Celebrity wine experience on board
Celebrity Cruises add a little bit extra to your cruise experience with their comprehensive wine experience on board most Celebrity Cruise ships. The cruise line offers an extensive wine list with a large number of sommeliers standing by in all of its restaurants and bars, waiting to help you pair the perfect wine with your meal. Enjoy wines from around the world, join an on board wine program and then test your skills and knowledge as you savour every sip of delicious wine in the Cellar Masters wine bar.   A worldwide wine tour in one cruise  
Amawaterways quick facts stats
See Europe’s most treasured landmarks from the comfort and tranquility of your floating hotel. Take a river cruise and avoid congested highways and checking in and out of hotels. Take a look at a couple of quick facts about Amawaterways.
Cruise to asia ha long bay
South East Asia is made of a group of fascinating countries including Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Each country has its own character and unique attractions which draw people from around the globe every year. From Ha Long Bay in Vietnam to the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, South East Asia is an eye opening and exciting cruise destination.   Ha Long Bay - Vietnam